Irving Farm Cupping

The CRCC had the great pleasure of exploring what two very similar coffees processed in two completely different ways would taste like.

Cupping Irving Farm Coffee

The kind folks at Irving Farm shared two great coffees from El Salvador – both from the Ahuachapan region. The “El Molino” and “Guadalupe” coffees were procured from the same producer but processed in two different ways.

From their site:

While the Salaverria family has been producing beautiful coffees following traditional processing methods for generations, this coffee represents their innovative spirit. Instead of washing off the fruit and sticky mucilage, they wanted to experiment with natural processing, or drying the coffee inside the fruit. The result is a unique, complex coffee. Compared to washed coffees from this region, El Molino has more body and sweetness, with a warmer acidity and beautiful berry aromatics.

Crust Break on Irving Farm Coffee tasting

We enjoyed tossing descriptors around about the El Molino: Jess made a strong case for Key Lime Pie – with its near-sour fruitiness layered with graham cracker sweetness. This led to an interesting discussion about natural processed coffees which we hope to follow-up with in longer blog form on this site.

Big thanks to Irving Farm for the opportunity to taste such excellent coffees!

Irving Farm Cupping at the Lucas Confectionery