Madcap Varietal Series

Our first official “all hands on deck” Capital Region Coffee Collective cupping at the Lucas Confectionery in Troy, NY went down on Sunday, June 30th. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the limited edition “Varietal Series” from Madcap Coffee.

Madcap Varietal Series info card

It was quite an undertaking – eight different coffee varietals grown on the same farm in El Salvador, separated out at origin, roasted at Madcap and then packaged/sold together in 45 gram matte black tins as a series. This was truly a great opportunity to compare the taste differences in varietals that have the same terroir.

We decided to follow Madcap’s Varietal tasting guide‘s suggested tasting order, which is the order that the varietals were discovered on the Rodriguez Farm. Adding to the complexity, we chose to cup three samples of each varietal.

Doug sets three sets of each of the eight Madcap varietals

Doug sets three sets of each of the eight Madcap varietals

After an overwhelming few runs through the twenty-four samples, our discussion found us each with different likes and scraps of random impressions. A few held love for the pacamara varietal, one loved the caturra but all of us seemed to feel that the elefante was something very special.

Cheers to Madcap Coffee for such an impressive, exhaustive undertaking. We look forward to future explorations into varietal comparisons.